Saint Honore Confections take URBANeats Sunset by Storm

Lin Jerome J.D. and Alex Lourdes Ph. D are taking the Instagram-worthy cafe scene by storm with their first two concepts, Cafe Lola, and their newest venture, Saint Honore. Cafe Lola specializes in unique, hand crafted coffee and tea creations, plus menu of gourmet small bites. Saint Honore is the first ever “couture” donut shoppe, featuring confections such as donuts, beignets, and cupcakes. With a love for marketing and a passion for coffee and small bites, Lin and Alex have created so much hype around Cafe Lola and Saint Honore by pouring excitement into every aspect of their locations. The dynamic duo met in grad school and formed the Refined Agency, a marketing firm with a passion for empowering lady bosses, before expanding their reach in the form of their own chic cafe models. From rose walls, to neon signs, to delectable pastries, these gals have thought of it all for their ! We are honored to announce our partnership with Saint Honore, the first ever couture donut shoppe. URBANeats Market now proudly serves a selection of vegan and gluten free donuts, cupcakes, and more from the brand that perfected the IG-worthy snack. 

Vegan Funfetti Donut

“My friend is going to die! She is vegan AND gluten-free and she never gets treats like this,” one excited URBANeats Market guest exclaimed after taking a peek at our newest line of couture confections. During our first weeks at our Sunset and Grand Canyon location, we were bombarded with requests for more vegan and more gluten free items in our bakery case and beyond. We are proud to be a small, local based Las Vegas business that is always open to new suggestions from our community on how we can best fit their needs. This chic collab is one of many updates we are constantly making at URBANeats to perfect the selection of items we have on rotation for our community.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie

Favorites such as the Vegan Oreo Donut, Gluten Free Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake, and Vegan Pumpkin Loaf are now available daily exclusively at our URBANeats Market on Sunset and Grand Canyon. We highly suggest pairing your sweet, dietary friendly, treat with one of our craft coffee creations, crafted with Illy Italian Espresso. Fresh Saint Honore selections are available daily, so visit us anytime of the week for that perfect, pic-worthy treat. Just don’t forget to tag us, @urbaneatslv! 

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