Other-Worldly Headlines Storm Las Vegas

What’s a crazier headline, a swarm of apocalypse-like grasshoppers invading the Las Vegas Strip, or a crew of over 1.5 million confirmed people storming Area 51? When you live in Las Vegas, these wild happenings might sound like a regular day’s news to you. Over the past week and a half, the Las Vegas area has made major headlines across the US for two other-worldly events that would seem impossible anywhere else. 

Grasshoppers invade the Las Vegas Sign. (photo from @cityoflasvegas Twitter).

First was the unexpected popularity of a Facebook hosted event (created by Matty Roberts of California) titled “Storm Area 51 They Can’t Take All of Us” took the Las Vegas Valley by storm when over 1.5 million people decided to hit “going” on this event occurring right outside city limits in late September. An immediate outburst of memes and marketing alike drew all eyes to the Las Vegas desert as Bud Light tweeted a promise to give free beer to all escaped aliens during the raid. The event got so largely popular that it has become a viable national security issue, prompting federal officials to sit through security briefings on what protocol will be if millions actually attend the alien smuggling event. 

Action 13 News Covers Facebook Event Surrounding Area 51 Excitement.

After a long week of alien-induced propaganda, the Las Vegas Valley experienced days of rain and cloudy skies. Some rain is not unheard of during the sweltering months of July and August in Las Vegas, but the city more than doubled our yearly average of rain in the past 6 months alone. With this unusually formidable weather came formidable conditions for crawly critters to spawn in miraculous numbers. Las Vegans awoke to the jumping, flying, and in some cases, complete swarming of thousands of grasshoppers invading the greater Las Vegas area. The swarm of grasshoppers was so large during the first few days of their visit, meteorology reports were picking up the bugs as incoming storm fronts on their weather radars. For days, it seemed you couldn’t take a step in city limits without setting off a slew of pests flying in the air. The local memes ensued once again, even propelling local businesses to offer “grasshopper specials” such as the popular mint-chocolatey treat named after the pests. 

Grasshopper Specials Flood Local Las Vegas Businesses like Spotted Pig.

It seems these days that Las Vegas is a staple in national news headlines, and we’re more than proud to be a part of it. Las Vegas was rated one the top 5 cities to live in, has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, and is the entertainment capital of the world. Whether there are swarms of pestilence or alien escapees parading around the city, there is always much ado and much to talk about in this city we call home. 

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