Keto Diet Continues to Trend…How does it work?

Named Diet of the Year 2018, Keto or ketogenic diets have continued to gain popularity all over the United States. On Google Trend Reports, Keto ranks number one on diet trends, surpassing other “fad” diets such as paleo, intermittent fasting, and Whole 30. This diet can prove to have dramatic results relatively quickly, which adds to the growing hype around the Keto trend. Dramatic before and after photos of people who successfully take on the diet draw more people into finding out more about Keto.

What exactly makes a Keto diet and why does it work? Keto diets are designed to send the body into a digestive state of ketosis. Ketosis is caused by the body lacking carbohydrates to create energy. When the body needs energy, it then burns fat rather than carbs out of necessity to do so. This diet is highly restrictive and involves cutting your carbohydrate intake from the daily recommended value of 225 to 335 grams of carbs down to less than 50 grams per day. These carbs are replaced with once “bad for you” foods” that are high in fat content. Whole cream, butter, and red meat are staples of the Keto diet. Before the diet can work at all, you must begin the state of ketosis. This state is not achieved by the body overnight. To achieve any success on a Keto diet, you must stay highly regimented for an estimate of two weeks for your body to begin the ketosis process. After that, weight loss is only achieved through maintaining the state of ketosis, burning fat rather than carbs. For those who are not completely dedicated to educating themselves about the limits involved in a truly keto diet, doctors advise against it. The heavily fatty diet paired with unlimited red meat intake can be a huge red flag for doctors looking for heart health. Many people decide to switch to a Keto-like diet before researching the amount of carbs in their daily intake of food, then gain weight in the process. Many people report fatigue, sluggishness, and digestive health issues at the beginning of the Keto process. As your body begins to assimilate to the new regiment, you may feel worse than before. It is important that you either regiment yourself thoroughly and continuously consult your doctor about your diet, or choose a diet that is less restrictive. There are many reported benefits to Keto if you stick to it, but there are many down sides to those who do not follow strictly the diet recommendations. 

Full breakdown of the Keto Diet Food Pyramid.

If you choose to continue with a Keto diet the right way, you will see results, and you’ll probably feel a lot healthier and energetic after your body has assimilated. Due to the rise in popularity of Keto, there are tons of delicious snack and meal options out there to suit your taste. Ask your neighborhood URBANeats to point you in the right direction for Keto options if this is the diet for you! 

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